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Membership Requirements

A Festival must be an annual event formed and organized around a specific theme, product, or contest, promoted for community and/or civic betterment, and open to the general public.

A special Event must be one that is carried out as a public activity, on an annual basis. Both must attract visitors and patrons from outside of the county in which the event is taking place. Each Festival and/or Event must have a regular, established sponsoring organization, existing on a continuing basis, and is required to operate in a clean wholesome manner, so as to provide both entertainment and education to the general public.

Each applicant for membership shall make every effort to avoid holding its annual Festival or Event, and especially its parade(s), on a date already being used by another member or event in close proximity. The Board of Directors shall resolve any conflict of dates.

Each Festival or Event must have been in existence and operated on a continuing basis, successfully, for at least four consecutive calendar years. After the fourth consecutive year of operation, a Festival or Event may apply for acceptance and membership in the Association. Official representatives of OFEA will visit your Festival or Event during your fifth year of operation and will provide investigation statistics to the Board of Directors at the annual meeting each November. A final decision for acceptance or non-acceptance will be made by the OFEA Board of Directors.

  • Upon being accepted as a member, any festival or event will be placed on a probationary period of one (1) year.
  • Annual dues and assessments must be paid by November 1. These monies are used to print and distribute thousands of brochures throughout the State of Ohio and to operate the Association.
  • A representative of your festival or event must attend both of the two regularly scheduled meetings of the Association during the calendar year.

Request a Membership Packet

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(330) 231-3178

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Membership Benefits

As a member Festival or Event you receive the following benefits:

  • Listed in 250,000 OFEA brochures that are distributed across the state. ($12,000 Value)
  • Listed in various statewide magazines with readership in excess of 500,000 a month. ($5,000 Value)
  • Listed on the OFEA website where you can include pictures, event details, etc. and as your festival draws near it is listed on the landing page as well.
  • As your Festival/Event draws near you are featured on the OFEA Facebook page
  • Access to the OFEA Associate Members (vendors, entertainers, etc.), many of whom offer discounts to our members.
  • Members Discounts/Rewards Program providing members with various discounts on hotels, car rental, festival and event products and services and more.
  • List of OFEA Judges you may use for you events such as Queens, Parades, Food etc.
  • Opportunity to attend our annual convention where you can…
  • Attend education seminars
  • Meet with many of our Associate Members
  • See and hear various entertainment acts before you hire
  • Network with all the other member festival organizers