About Us

We provide opportunities to exchange information and ideas with other festival and event representatives and act as a clearing house for solutions to the common problems encountered in the festival and event business. Many of the same problems exist for both small and large Festivals, and the same solutions can be adapted to the individual Festival’s size. The experience of festival members represent many years of learning from mistakes and celebrating accomplishments.

Our Purpose

  • To promote tourism in Ohio through festivals and events.
  • To promote membership to festivals and events collectively on a statewide effort.
  • To exchange ideas among members with respect to festival and event operations.
  • To increase the communication process by providing cooperation and a supportive effort between various festivals and events.
  • To provide education to both public and private sources regarding festivals and events in Ohio.
  • To give, teach, and exchange information and knowledge of operational vehicles required to be a successful festival or event in the State of Ohio.

OFEA Membership Benefit

  • Source of many years of experience and expertise in the operation of festivals and events.
  • Source of vendors, craftsmen, concessionaires, amusement companies, and much, much more vital information.
  • Thousands of brochures distributed annually throughout the State of Ohio promoting these festivals and events.
  • Great fellowship with member festivals and events that all work for a common goal: crossing ethnic, cultural, religious, and color barriers which best represent the festival and event industry.

Request a Brochure

Each year the Ohio Festivals and Events Association distributes schedules around the state of Ohio promoting our member festivals and events. The schedule is a handy tool to carry in your vehicle when traveling the state and looking for festivals and events to attend. Just let us know how many you would like.